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The structure of the German Dubbing Data Base web site is as follows:

index.php - Opening page

Search pages:
actor.php - Search for original actors
sprecher.php - Search for German voice talents
movie.php - Search by movie title

top100.php - Top100 list of currently listed German voice talents (1933-1981)
top100.php?gender=w - Top100 list of female German voice talents (1933-1981)
top100.php?gender=m - Top100 list of male German voice talents (1933-1981)
topviews.php - Top20 most requested actors / German voices / movies
dbstats.php - Some internal database statistics

presse.php - Press reports on Arne Kaul and his work
hilfe.php - Help page (not yet available in English)
links.php - Collection of synchronization / dubbing related web links
guest.php - Guest book
sitemap.php - The site map you are just reading

arnekaul.php - About Arne Kaul
sitedesc.php - About this web site
credits.php - Credit to all external contributors
impressum.php - Legally required impressum
disclaimer.php - Legally required disclaimer


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